Lyttelton Port of Christchurch
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About Cruise Ships

The summer cruise season gets underway in October and usually runs through to early April. The peak cruise period is January and February.

In 2009/10 LPC hosted a total of 50 cruise ships. Over 100,000 passengers and crew arrived in Canterbury during the season, mainly from America, Australia and the UK.

Lyttelton Port of Christchurch is a favourite destination for many passengers. Here they have the opportunity of seeing a working port close-up, and the village atmosphere and Victorian architecture of Lyttelton township is so different from many of the bigger city ports also on route.

The largest vessels which have visited Lyttelton are the Diamond Princess and her sister ship, the Sapphire Princess. These vessels can each accommodate 2,670 passengers and over 1,200 crew.

Christchurch and Canterbury Tourism staff are on hand to greet all ships and provide passengers with information about Lyttelton and Christchurch city.

Cruise Ships Viewing Points
Safety and security measures mean access to the ships is restricted to staff and passengers only but great views of the ships coming in are available from several points around the harbour. Vessels generally arrive at approximately 6:30am and depart at 6:30 pm.
  • Public Fishing Jetty - end of the road in front of the tank farm
  • Timeball Station - Phone 328-7311
  • Windy Rock Point - on the Sumner Rd/Evans Pass Rd, directly above Cashin Quay
Meeting Cruise Ships
Because of the Maritime Security Act 2004 public access to the working areas of the port is restricted and limited to those on port business. All persons, including approved taxi operators or coach operators, must be pre-notified to the Security Control Centre (SCC) by the ship's agent or LPC staff prior to the ships arrival.

Members of the public meeting passengers can do so at the Visitor Centre at 20 Oxford St. Passengers are transported there from the port free of charge.

Cars can only be driven onto the wharf if a passenger is disabled or incapacitated in some way. In this case the member of the public meeting the passenger should contact the ship's agent (listed on the Cruise Ship Forecast) to have their name put on the access list at the SCC. That person must also bring photo identification with them. At the security gate they will be issued with a vehicle check card, instructions on where to drive, and where to park.
Passengers  Information

Leaving the Ship
Passengers should take their cruise card and photographic ID with them. These will be required for re-entry to the port.
Passengers will generally be offered options to go through to Christchurch city on arranged coaches, or to go into Lyttelton and make their own arrangements for the day. A free shuttle service will take them to the Lyttelton Visitor Centre, and will collect them there for the return journey to the ship.
Returning to the Ship
Public busses number 28 and 35 travel regularly to and from the city via Lyttelton at a minimal cost - see the Metro website for more information.
Information for Coach Operators

All approved coach/taxi operators must be verified against a pre-notified list of authorised personnel at the SCC and will be required to display photo ID.

All approved coaches returning passengers to the port security area will be boarded, their passengers will be verified and coaches will be given a vehicle check card.

Information for Taxi Operations
Approved Taxi Operators
All pre-notified employees of approved coach/taxi operators will be verified at the SCC and will be required to display photo ID.

For the 2008/2009 Cruise Season approved taxi providers are:
Gold Band
Blue Star Taxis
Corporate Cabs
Regency Cabs (medical service provisions - as required)
First Direct (wheelchair vehicles only).

Approved operators are admitted to the secure wharf area to pick up disembarking passengers.
All returning passengers must be verified at SCC before the taxi can enter. Taxi operators will be given a vehicle check card to proceed to the wharf.
Non-Approved Taxi Operators
Returning passengers may be carried by any taxi company.
All non-approved taxi operators returning passengers will be asked to leave their passengers at the SCC Enquiries window, and passengers will be taken by free shuttle (unless a medical condition or disability precludes them from being transported in the shuttle) to the cruise ship.
In this case the non-approved taxi operators must display photo ID. The Security Patrol will then provide an escort to the cruise ship.
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