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LPC Pilot Launch modification decreases noise emission

Lyttelton Port of Christchurch (LPC) has recently modified the exhaust of its new Pilot Launch Awaroa.

Testing conducted before and after this modification shows the noise emissions from the vessel have markedly decreased. The testing was conducted by a leading provider of engineering, environmental and technical services for government bodies and private sector companies.


“Residents in the vicinity of the path which the Awaroa travels should notice that the noise of the vessel has reduced in magnitude and character,” said LPC Chief Executive Peter Davie


“It takes the Awaroa just under five minutes to travel from the moles to the breakwater which is the area in which Diamond Harbour residents are most likely to hear it.


“Since modifying the exhaust, we have local feedback that the noise from the launch is significantly diminished.


“The new vessel is much safer for our staff and the best design available for Lyttelton Harbour conditions. It has also allowed the Port to take an important step forward in providing the best services we can for vessels visiting Lyttelton.”


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