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New marina to be built at Lyttelton

Lyttelton Port of Christchurch (LPC) is building a new marina at the sheltered site of the inner harbour pile moorings in Lyttelton Harbour – the first stage of a wider regeneration plan to improve public access and amenities in the area.

If you want to express interest in licensing a berth in the Te Ana marina or to see the latest Design Guide please visit www.teanamarina.co.nz


The new marina will be Canterbury’s only walk-on floating marina and on completion of Stages 1 and 2 it will feature up to 200 berths for yachts and powerboats. Building will commence in the first half of 2017.

LPC has used the name Dampier Bay when referring to the existing inner harbour pile moorings and landside area. Working closely with Te Hapū o Ngāti Wheke Rūnanga, LPC had the opportunity to rename the area to reflect iwi cultural values. The area is to be formally renamed Te Ana, reflecting the significance of Te Ana o Huikai, a cultural site closely associated with Dampier Bay. Te Ana o Huikai was traditionally known as a sheltered rest area for safe anchorage, with bountiful fish and shell fisheries.

The new marina will be called Te Ana and its development will incorporate mana whenua landscape values and history.

“The project is a significant milestone for the Port and the wider Lyttelton community,” says LPC Chief Executive Peter Davie.

“A modern marina capable of accommodating more of Canterbury’s recreational boating community is well overdue,” says Davie.

“Public feedback gained during consultation for the Port Lyttelton Plan indicated a strong desire for a more attractive and accessible waterfront. Te Ana Marina is LPC’s first step towards regenerating the inner harbour as a vibrant community-focused destination, with direct connections to the Lyttelton township.”

Stage 1 will see the existing inner harbour pile moorings removed and in excess of 130 berths built. A promenade linking the marina to the Lyttelton town centre, via existing access ways, will also be developed, along with a walk way to the marina from Voelas Road. Associated landside infrastructure such as parking, a marina office, washrooms and other facilities will be progressively completed through 2017 and early 2018.

Stage 2 will see the marina expanded and development of the landside area to provide an accessible and attractive commercial precinct. This subsequent development will be subject to commercial demand and port operations.

A Registration of Interest (ROI) document will be released in mid October. Current berth holders will have first priority in securing a licence in the new marina at commercial rates. People who are not existing licensed inner harbour pile mooring berth holders can apply for a licence for a new berth, and if oversubscribed, a ballot system may take place.

“We appreciate for some existing berth holders the closing of the inner harbour pile moorings at the end of March 2017 will be disappointing and some may not choose to licence a berth in the new marina,” says Davie. “LPC will work with existing berth holders where possible, to identify alternative mooring options.”

Ian Cooper has moored his boats in the inner harbour pile moorings for the past 12 years, including his current yacht Lady Piluia. He’s looking forward to the new marina being built, saying “it’s been a long time coming”.
“There’s good boating to be had in and around Lyttelton that is not being tapped into because people don’t have great facilities to moor their boat. This new marina will encourage other people to get into boating because there will be new facilities which are safe and comfortable. It’s a great opportunity for the Canterbury boating community.”

This week LPC also released its Te Ana Design Guide which provides an overview of the type of development that will take place. It has been prepared in collaboration with Te Hapū o Ngāti Wheke, Christchurch City Council and the Lyttelton community following consultation.

The document, which is publically available on LPC’s website, addresses how the new buildings and public spaces in Te Ana will reflect the marine environment, local character of Lyttelton and the region’s cultural heritage.

LPC will continue to liaise with the local community as the new marina project advances.

“Construction is expected to commence from the middle of 2017 and strict environmental noise control measures will be enforced and communicated to the community, alongside relevant timeframes,” says Davie.

Total Marine Services (TMS), a specialist marine contracting company based in Auckland and the Bay of Islands, won a competitive process to design the new marina. -Ends-


• Plans for a new marina were put on hold following the Canterbury earthquakes, as LPC focused on emergency response and recovery planning.

• The central theme of the Lyttelton Port Recovery Plan (LPRP), which had Ministerial approval is to shift port operations east, which will free up space on the western side of the inner harbour to build a marina and allow for development of Te Ana.

• Community consultation undertaken as part of the Lyttelton Port Recovery Plan revealed a strong message from local residents that they supported future development of the inner harbour and wanted safe and increased access to the waterfront.

• Commercial rates will apply in the new marina, with licence fees being similar to other New Zealand marinas of this size. The berths will be owned and managed by LPC.

• A Registration of Interest (ROI) document will be available to anyone interested in licensing a berth in the new marina in October – it will contain prices, terms and conditions. The ROI will be able to be downloaded from the LPC website – www.lpc.co.nz.

• The Te Ana redevelopment encompasses the LPC land below Simeon and Godley Quays between No. 7 Wharf and Lyttelton Engineering.

For further information contact:

Allanah James | Strategic Communications Manager | Lyttelton Port of Christchurch | 021 709 652

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