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Customer Notice – City Depot VBS Go-Live 27th February

26th February 2018

Just a friendly reminder to all trucking companies that the City Depot VBS goes live from 0600hrs Tuesday morning (27th February).  This means you must have a booking to drop off or pick up at City Depot from this time.

Slots are starting to fill for the morning so please make sure you book as soon as you are able. Any trucks that arrive without a manifested booking will have to wait until the booking is made by your despatcher before they can be served.  You may be asked to wait off site to prevent those that have booked being delayed.

We will have extra support at the depot to handle queries and we appreciate your ongoing support as we roll the VBS out.

If you have any queries please feel free to contact us on email: vbs@lpc.co.nz



Customer Notice – LPC Container Operational Initiatives 2018/19

8th February 2018

As many of you are aware, LPC will be implementing a new vehicle booking system (VBS) at City Depot on 20th February, to be followed by a VBS at Lyttelton Container Terminal some time later in the year.

The VBS is the first of a number of initiatives we will introduce during 2018/19, all of which are designed to improve the information management and operational efficiency of containers moving through the port.

We intend to keep all stakeholders fully up to date with the timing and impact of these changes, but in the meantime we would like to give you a high level introduction to what we have planned:

  • Compulsory Pre-Advise – all export containers will need to be electronically pre-advised in to our system before the container arrives at the port. No pre-advise will mean you can’t book to bring the container to the port and any containers arriving without pre-advise will incur an administration fee.
  • The pre-advise process will include a cross check against the shipping line booking details – any errors will mean pre-advise can not be processed which will mean the exporter needs to contact the shipping line to amend the information before a successful pre-advise can be made.
  • The pre-advise system is already set up and many customers are already electronically pre-advising. We have attached a guideline to this notice on the process and we encourage all those who are not using it to contact us so we can work through setting it up with you.
  • LCT Vehicle Booking System – will be introduced later in 2018 and will be based on the proven 1-Stop solution. It will work in a very similar way to the process currently being rolled out at City Depot.
  • Export Cut Offs – we will introduce and enforce standard cut-offs for all export cargo, based on the vessel ETA at Lyttelton. The cut-offs will apply to load lists, electronic pre-advise, CEDOs and the physical arrival of the container at the port/inland port. Timing will likely be at the same stage as VBS at LCT.
  • Road and Truck Infrastructure and Layout Enhancements – we will demolish our old operations building which will allow us to reconfigure the existing truck grid layout. This will lead to improved traffic flows and H&S in the truck grid area and result in faster turn times for vehicles through the terminal.

We will keep you advised of these developments as we work through them. In the meantime feel free to contact our marketing team if you have any queries.



Customer Notice – Training Update

26th January 2018

Thank you to all those who have arranged to attend a training session starting from next week. Spots are filling but there is still space left, so if you are yet to arrange your training please contact us as soon as possible so we can sign you up to a session.

The training sessions held at 41 Chapmans Road will take place in the Loft meeting room. This is not the city depot site office, it’s the building on the front along Chapmans Road and has plenty of angle parking to use.  Come up the stairs and we will be in the room at the top.

As we draw closer to 20th February we also wanted to update you on a couple of other items:

VBS Registration

You will shortly be able to register your company to use the VBS on the following link.  There will also be a guide posted on our website shortly how to complete the registration, see above.   Each company should only register once and we will show you how to add separate users to your account during the training.  Please feel free to register at your convenience, but this must be completed prior to the 13th February to allow us time (3 working days) to process the registration before we go live.


Go Live Process

The first slots will be issued on the 20th February for trucks coming to City Depot on Tuesday 27th February from 0600hrs.  This means that all trucks coming in after that time must have a booking in place.  No booking will mean no service, however we will be flexible in the first days as everyone gets used to the system.

VBS Fees

We have now finalised our fee schedule which will be as follows:

Fee Type Description Fee (rate per container/slot)
Timeslot Fee Every booking made will incur a timeslot fee. This will be charged to whoever has made the booking. 1 container = 1 timeslot. $5.50
Late Arrival Fee An additional charge for when the transport operator has turned up more than 15 minutes out side of the booked time zone but less than 45 minutes outside of the booked time zone.


(+ Timeslot Fee)

No-Show Fee An additional charge for when the transport operator has failed to turn up within the time zone booked and also not turned up within the late arrival zone.


(+ Timeslot Fee)


Above prices are excluding GST.

More details will be provided around the timings in the training. We will implement a staged approach to the fees as follows:

20th February until 4th March – No fees will apply

4th March until 1st April – Timeslot Fee only

2nd April onwards – All Fees Apply (Timeslot, Late Arrival and No show)

We look forward to seeing you at the training sessions and please feel free to contact our VBS Coordinator Abbey Ray if you have any queries on email: vbs@lpc.co.nz



Customer Notice – City Depot Vehicle Booking System

12th January 2018

As advised late last year we are on track to implement a truck Vehicle Booking System (via the 1-Stop system) at our City Depot site from 20th February 2018.

We will shortly be ready to start some hands on training for trucking companies on how to use the VBS and would like to start scheduling training sessions so there is plenty of time to get used to the system before we go live.

The training will consist of 1 hour workshops and will be hands on making and changing bookings and gaining an overall understanding of how the system works. It is aimed towards a trucking company despatcher level but you are welcome to also send your supervisors etc. as required.  Materials will be provided to each participant to take back to the office and use as a reference once we go live.

The training session times are listed below and you will need to book in to a session as there are limited spots in each to ensure everyone gets a computer to use.

We would like to ask all trucking companies that presently use City Depot to send us your training time preferences, including the names and positions of participants, from the below selection as soon as possible to Abbey Ray on email vbs@lpc.co.nz

We will respond with confirmation of the exact details and appreciate your flexibility if some of the sessions are already booked out.

Day Location Session Times
Tuesday 30th January 41 Chapmans Road, Woolston 9:00am 10:30am
Wednesday 31st January 41 Chapmans Road, Woolston 9:00am 10:30am
Thursday 1st February Ashburton TBC 9:00am 10:30am
Friday 2nd February 41 Chapmans Road, Woolston 1:00pm 2:30pm
Monday 5th February 41 Chapmans Road, Woolston 1:00pm 2:30pm
Wednesday 7th February 41 Chapmans Road, Woolston 1:00pm 2:30pm
Thursday 8th February 41 Chapmans Road, Woolston 9:00am




Tuesday 13th February 41 Chapmans Road, Woolston 9:00am 10:30am
Wednesday 14th February Ashburton TBC 9:00am 10:30am


If you are unable to fit within any of these times, please let us know and we will discuss alternative dates with you.

We can also confirm that LPC will levy a charge of $5.50 per timeslot (container) to the transport carrier for use of the VBS.  Further details of our tariffs and Terms & Conditions will be available on our website in the next couple of weeks.

Please feel free to contact our VBS Coordinator Abbey Ray if you have any queries on email: vbs@lpc.co.nz



Customer Notice – City Depot Vehicle Booking System

15th December 2017

We wanted to give all stakeholders an update on the upcoming VBS implementation at CityDepot. The team have been very busy getting the system ready for the 20th February 2018 roll out date, and we felt this was a good opportunity to update you on a number of areas:

  • New VBS Coordinator – We are pleased to advise that Abbey Ray will be joining LPC on the 8th January as our new VBS Coordinator. Some of you may know Abbey as she has extensive logistics and trucking experience in Canterbury – we are really looking forward to her starting and she will be the key contact point for all VBS related matters going forward.
  • Training Plans – We expect to commence training of users of the VBS from Monday 22nd January 2018. We will provide you with a firm list of days and times early in January, but we will make hands on training available in Woolston for all VBS users. It’s really straight forward so this will only take around an hour each session, and we will also provide training resources to take back for future reference. Refresher training will also be available the week prior to go-live on 20th February.
  • Initial log-in setup of trucking companies and users – we will also coordinate this with you early in the New Year.
  • Business Rules – we have been working through business rules that will apply and the list below gives a high level feel for how the VBS will work:
    • Time slots will be for a 1 hour duration starting on the hour e.g. 1300hrs – 1400hrs
    • There will be a 15 minute grace period either side of the time zone where we will serve trucks without penalty e.g. 1245hrs – 1415hrs
    • If you are up to 30 minutes late we will still serve you, but there will be a penalty fee applied (amount still to be confirmed) e.g. 1415hrs – 1445hrs
    • Any more than 30 mins late (which is 45 mins after the hour) we won’t serve you and there will be a no-show penalty applied (amount still to be confirmed). This effectively allows a 2 hour window for a truck to be processed.
    • Time slots will be released on a Wednesday for all days of the week following, to allow bookings to be made in advance. We expect that there will be plenty of slots offered each day to meet the truck demand and we will actively manage the slot allocation process day to day and hour to hour.
    • We will offer a penalty holiday for a period of time after go-live before any penalties will be applied.
    • The training program will walk through the process of making a booking and any other VBS related queries you may have. For example to confirm a time slot you will need to have either an Export Release Number (ERN) from the shipping line (for an empty pickup) or a valid container number (for an empty return).
  • We will provide further updates around the business rules over the coming weeks and during the training sessions. We are aware that the VBS will result in changes to planning requirements and we are committed to working through the implementation with all users to make it as easy as possible.

We hope you find the above of interest. On behalf of the LPC team we wish you and your families a very safe and happy Christmas and we look forward to working with you in 2018.

We will update our website with ongoing updates about the VBS on the following page: http://www.lpc.co.nz/our-services/vehicle-booking-system-vbs/

Please feel free to contact us if you have any queries on email: vbs@lpc.co.nz



Customer Notice – City Depot Vehicle Booking System

30th October 2017

Following our earlier announcement about the introduction of a VBS at City Depot, LPC and 1-Stop have almost completed setting up the system and we would like to update all stakeholders with our current planning and timeline for the next few months.

November 2017 – LPC internal testing & fine tuning

End-November 2017 – Announcement of the business rules and pricing for the City Depot VBS (how it will work and what the charges will be)

December 2017 – Trucking Company user setup.  All users of the VBS will require a log-in to access the system.  This will include a carrier access agreement between LPC and trucking companies around the use of the VBS.  LPC will provide further details on this closer to the time.

*** Christmas Break ***

From Mid-January 2018 – Trucking Company Training.  We will organise multiple workshops for trucking company users to attend to show them how to use the VBS.

From Mid-January 2018 – Live Testing.  This will allow us to test the system and rules in a real environment to fine tune any issues.

20th February 2018 – Go-Live of the VBS at City Depot.

February / March 2018 – Post go-live support for users as required.

We have chosen to extend the schedule past the Christmas period to avoid us all jointly having to deal with a new system implementation during a period where many stakeholders have people away and are not at their normal staffing levels.

Please note the above timeline and we will be in contact again during November to firm up timing and plans around the user setup and training processes.  As always feel free to contact us if you have any queries on: vbs@lpc.co.nz




Customer Notice – Vehicle Booking System

10th October 2017

Lyttelton Port of Christchurch, in consultation with our key stakeholders, is implementing a vehicle booking system (VBS) at our container handling sites. A VBS is an online tool that requires trucking companies to book time slots and verifies information before trucks arrive.  This will result in a number of benefits to all parties in the supply chain by improving information data quality, reducing congestion and smoothing out traffic flows.

The project is in its early stages.  Details that may be of interest to port users and customers are included below:

The VBS will only apply to container trucks visiting LPC’s container handling sites.

The implementation will be staged as follows:
City Depot – December 2017
Lyttelton Container Terminal and ECY – Mid 2018
Midland Port – Not currently planned

The VBS system will be provided by 1-Stop, who are a leading VBS provider used at most ports in Australia and also in Auckland and Napier.

LPC have yet to finalise the business rules and tariff that will be applied. Once confirmed they will be communicated to all relevant stakeholders.

The process for the initial start-up at City Depot will be advised in the near future. Our roll out plan will include how we set up trucking company users, testing and training in the system (planned for November 2017), together with support plans during the go-live period.

LPC is aware that the introduction of a VBS will mean some changes to processes within the Canterbury supply chain. However we are confident that there will be significant operational improvement for all port users and we are committed to working through these changes in partnership with all stakeholders.  We will update this page with on going updates about the VBS.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any queries on email: vbs@lpc.co.nz

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