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Two bus stops to remain at Lyttelton Port for Diamond Harbour Ferry

Lyttelton Port of Christchurch (LPC) will retain the two bus stops that service the Diamond Harbour Ferry at the Port, meaning there will be no change for people using the 28 bus service transport to access the ferry.

LPC Chief Executive Peter Davie said: “We have listened to the concerns expressed by the Diamond Harbour Community Association and the Banks Peninsula Community Board about the negative impact reducing the bus service to one stop would have on people using the Diamond Harbour Ferry. We have decided to retain two bus stops so there is no change to the 28 bus service, while the 535 will pick-up and drop-off people wanting to catch the ferry from Norwich Quay.

“While there has never been a formal drop-off or pick-up area at the wharf, and currently people cannot drive directly to the ferry, we are very happy to facilitate access for people who need to drop-off goods, have young children or who are physically impaired,” Mr Davie said.

Regular users of the ferry who are elderly, disabled, have young children or need to drop-off goods can apply for a permit to enable them to be dropped off and picked up close to the ferry. People who are not regular users, but need close access to the ferry, can phone LPC Security 24 hours a day, seven days a week to arrange entry. As a secondary option people can contact Black Cat Cruises to facilitate access. LPC will communicate these new arrangements to current Diamond Harbour Ferry users and the wider community before the new arrangements take effect later this year.

Banks Peninsula Community Board Chair Christine Wilson said: “We are delighted that LPC has revisited its plans and taken the concerns raised by the community, the Diamond Harbour Community Association and the Banks Peninsula Community Board into account and changed their plans accordingly.”

Peter Davie said, “We are proud that our operations are providing strong support for the regional economy and the recovery. However we are acutely aware that the majority of our operations occur within the Lyttelton Harbour Basin and on this occasion we are very happy to work alongside the community to modify our plans based on their feedback.

“The Diamond Harbour Ferry Terminal will be upgraded, and on completion, the existing facilities will be significantly better in terms of amenity and safety. Part of the upgrade includes re-installing stairs onto the Oxford Street overbridge, which will provide the public with direct access and reduce the walking distance to the ferry. The community has been asking us to re-install these stairs and we are pleased to deliver this. We will undertake this work while we construct our staff car park for Waterfront House, LPC’s new operations and administration building.

“The relocation of more than 50 of our staff to Waterfront House in Lyttelton will have a positive impact on local businesses as they will be buying lunches and shopping in the local community.”

All work is scheduled to be completed before Christmas. LPC’s administration and management teams currently operating out of the Chapmans Road office will start relocating to Waterfront House in late December.

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