COVID 19: All Port visitors must be vaccinated by 31 January 2022

Lyttelton Port Company requires any person who intends to access a LPC site to provide services, or who are otherwise visiting or working on a LPC site for any other purpose, to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 from 31 January 2022.

In parallel to this, we require all LPC staff also to be fully vaccinated.

Contractors and PCBUs are accountable for ensuring their workers and contractors understand and adhere to LPC’s vaccination policy which is a condition of entry to all LPC facilities.

From 31 January, the rule will be simple – no double vaccination and vaccination pass, no entry.

Who does this apply to? Any person accessing a LPC site to provide services or visiting a LPC site for any other purpose. This includes visitors, service providers, stevedores, provedores, contractors, truck drivers, delivery drivers, distributors and all other port users.

Where does this apply? This applies to all individuals entering facilities under LPC control at Lyttelton Port (including the Dry Dock), CityDepot and Midland Port. This applies to anyone operating transport, plant or equipment coming into LPC sites.

What is required? As a condition of entry, any of the persons described above and accessing a LPC site will need to provide a Government-approved COVID-19 vaccine passport, demonstrating they are fully vaccinated. For New Zealand residents, this means they have received both Pfizer COVID-19 vaccination shots. Any person who cannot prove vaccination status will be refused entry.

When does this apply? This condition of entry will apply from 31 January 2022. Any person unable to demonstrate they are fully vaccinated from that date will not be permitted entry.

How will this be monitored? LPC will be monitoring compliance by undertaking its own inspections and audits to confirm persons who claim to be fully vaccinated, can verify that. You can apply for proof of vaccination through the New Zealand Government COVID response website, or by clicking this link.


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