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System Outage of our online services is currently scheduled for Tuesday 21 January from 2300 hours to Wednesday 22 January 0700 hours. Online services, VBS, Terminal systems & Truck KIOSKs as well as ECY & Midland systems will be unavailable during this outage. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

About Us

We provide the largest Port and container service in the South Island. Our Port is the gateway for goods coming in and out of the region.

The Port is a critical link in both New Zealand and global trade networks.

LPC serves a wide range of importers and exporters with full shipping services 24/7, year round.

Our Container Terminal provides specialised cargo handling and stevedoring services and plant hire. The rebuild of Cashin Quay 2 wharf at the Container Terminal has made it longer, more resilient and capable of berthing larger and deeper draught vessels. It doubles our container berth capacity. Our Empty Container Yard at the end of the Container Terminal provides storage for about 900 containers.

Lyttelton Port is linked with CityDepot, our inland container storage and repair facility a few kilometres away in Woolston. City Depot is the South Island’s largest container facility.

Our other Inland Port, MidlandPort, at Rolleston, is in mid -Canterbury. MidlandPort is at the cross-roads of the region’s booming primary production heartland. It provides a rail connection to the 14 shipping lines and nine shipping services that access our Port.

On the water, we have full Marine Services, including tugs and Marine Pilots to escort ships into and out of the Port and staff to assist with ships’ lines when vessels are berthing, and security.

Port facilities for loading and unloading bulk products such as petroleum, fertiliser, gypsum, cement, logs, conventional break-bulk, imported vehicles and fishing are all provided.

We are home to the South Island’s only Dry Dock and the country’s largest coal terminal.

Coal is received from the West Coast, aggregated in the coal yard and then loaded onto vessels by LPC staff.

We have over 500 highly skilled and experienced staff committed to continuous improvement of our services.

Right now the largest redevelopment in our Port’s history is underway. A major focus is moving a significant part of our operations east to allow for growth.

The Port redevelopment will ensure we meet forecast freight increases and continue to support our customers’ requirements and the growth of the region.

LPC corporate office

Waterfront House, 37-39 Gladstone Quay, Lyttelton, 8082

Postal address
Private Bag 501, Lyttelton 8841, New Zealand

Phone: (+64 3) 328 8198
Email: allreceptionists@lpc.co.nz

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