• Te Ana Marina

Canterbury's only walk-on floating marina

Te Ana Marina opened in 2018 as part of the Port’s commitment to bring the community back to the inner harbour.

Since it was opened, Te Ana Marina has breathed life back into Lyttelton’s west side waterfront. Set between two traditional sites, Ōhinehou and Te Ana o Huikai, Te Ana is Canterbury’s only walk-on floating marina.

Of the 170 berths, more than 90% have been leased and house various vessels from powerboats, to mono-hull yachts, catamarans and launches.

The Port’s vision for Te Ana has been to create an engaging and vibrant waterfront with public access and connectivity between Lyttelton, the Inner Harbour and the recreational areas of Naval Point. Te Ana has once again opened up Lyttelton’s Harbourside and made it a place where people can connect and enjoy the waterfront.

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Matt Blythe, Marina Business Manager:
021 195 7246 or 03 328 8198

Email: info@teanamarina.co.nz


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