Living near the Port

Our relationship with the community we are a part of is very important to us.


We are actively involved in a range of local community organisations and associations, and we welcome questions, comments, and concerns from our neighbours and the wider community.

Noise monitoring

We know that keeping our noise levels at a minimum is important to the community that we are part of. That’s why we proactively work to minimise the noise we make.

To manage the effects of port noise and any associated reverse sensitivity issues the Christchurch City Council District Plan requires LPC to develop:

  • A port noise management plan & a port noise mitigation plan;
  • A plan for acoustic treatment and purchase of dwellings of port noise affected property (which is defined as those properties that partly or wholly fall within a 65 dBA Ldn contour); and
  • Landuse and subdivision controls on activities sensitive to port noise and are located within the Port Influences Overlay.


There are a limited number of properties in Lyttelton eligible to apply for LPC funded acoustic treatment. The work often involves glazing, sound insulation and sometimes sound barriers aimed at reducing the internal noise levels of the properties closest to the industrial activities of the Port.

Port Liaison Committee

The Port Liaison Committee has been in operation for over ten years and was originally focused on overseeing the Acoustic Treatment Programme and the Port Noise Management Plan.

The Committee now plays an increasingly important role, providing feedback to LPC on a variety of broader issues relating to Port and community interactions. The Port Liaison Committee meets on average four times a year.

Membership of the Port Liaison Committee (PLC)

Ken Maynard – Lyttelton Community Association

Omar Seychell – Lyttelton Resident

Linda Pringle – Lyttelton Resident

Phil de Joux – LPC Chief Corporate Affairs Officer

Gillian Jenkins – Environment Canterbury Zone Delivery Lead

Tony Simpson – LPC Head of Bulk Cargo

Tony Dowson – CCC Senior Environmental Health Officer

Mike Simmers – LPC Chief Infrastructure Officer

The community representatives are from various parts of Lyttelton and the Harbour communities and this enables them to provide feedback from the perspective of their local area.

Talk to our Team

For community questions and concerns, please contact the LPC Communications Team: at or call 03 328 8198.

For environmental questions and Port Liaison Committee enquiries, please contact the LPC Environmental Team: or call 03 328 8198.

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