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We’re proud to have delivered our first sustainability strategy, defining clear goals for improving our performance in three key focus areas: Prosperity, People and the Planet.

LPC is the gateway for the goods that keep our region moving. We support thousands of jobs and the creation of billions of dollars of wealth for the Canterbury economy. Our commitment is to continue to do this while growing our strong focus on health and safety, the wellbeing of our workforce, mutual benefits for our communities and importantly, doing our part in addressing the significant global challenges of climate change and biodiversity loss.


At the heart of our sustainability strategy is our prosperity commitment, focused on creating and maintaining an efficient, economically viable Port that supports the wider region’s economy and community. We will grow connectivity, deliver operational excellence and make sure we remain profitable and financially sustainable.


The importance of our people means we are committed to creating quality employment opportunities, attracting and developing talented people and maintaining the health and wellbeing of everyone in our workplace. As part of the role we play as a citizen of Lyttelton Harbour, we will continue to work hard to be a responsible and supportive part of the community.


We are committed to the protection and enhancement of our natural environment. We have a special responsibility for Whakaraupō /Lyttelton Harbour, and we are very aware of the impact we can have. In this strategy, we’ve set a goal to make sure our operations have a net positive effect on biodiversity. That means we’re working to actively improve biodiversity, rather than maintaining the status quo.

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Zero net carbon emissions target


zero waste target

Net positive effect on biodiveristy

That means we’re working to
actively improve biodiversity, rather than maintaining the status quo.

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