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The largest coal export facility in New Zealand

A variety of coals are received by train from the West Coast and aggregated in the coal stockyard. Sampling is carried out by an internationally accredited inspection agency. The coal is then loaded onto vessels for export and is generally used off-shore in steel making.

Lyttelton’s stockpile can hold up to 335,000 tonnes of coal. By rail we can receive up to seven trains per day, comprising of no more than 30-50 tonne bottom dump railway wagons.

When coal is required for export it is moved to the vessel by a combination of bucket-wheel reclaimer and mobile plant, which together feed a series of conveyor belts connected to a ship loader.

The coal stockyard employs a core team of experienced staff with specialist coal handling knowledge. LPC’s environmental practices enable us to offer safe and efficient handling for all types of coal, 24 hours a day.

Although the coal stockyard is located around the hill from the township LPC is aware that coal dust can be transported by wind and therefore specialist dust and water control systems are in place to minimise any dust issues.  We also have a Lamella plant that treats any storm water in the coal yard.

Key Facts

500-1650 thp

Shiploading rate gross


Shiploader outreach


Jet-slinger throw (dependent on coal conditions)


Shiploader Travel

Airdraft (to underside at fender line) 15.1m above MLWS

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