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Home safe every day

The Health and Safety of our people, customers, contractors and visitors to Lyttelton Port is at the heart of everything we do.

Ports can be high-risk environments, but these risks can be managed with the right strategies and controls in place. LPC is committed to ensuring everyone who enters Lyttelton Port goes home safe, every day.

Healthy People

The wellbeing of our people is at the heart of LPC. We work closely to manage risks around fatigue, noise, exposure, stress and wellbeing. When we’re healthy, we can safely work at our best.

Safe Workplace

We have the systems and processes in place, prioritising critical risks and preventing harm. We keep the conversation about risk alive through continuous recognition and active management.

Safe and Healthy Together

When it comes to keeping our Port safe, we’re all in it together. We work with contractors and PCBUs to ensure our high Health and Safety Standards are met at all times. We challenge ourselves to be better every day.

NZ Port and Harbour Marine Safety Code

LPC is fully committed to adhering to the New Zealand Port and Harbour Marine Safety Code. The NZ Port and Harbour Marine Safety Code is a voluntary national standard designed to ensure the safe management of marine activities in ports and harbours. The Code relies on a collaborative structure between Maritime New Zealand, Harbourmasters, and Port Operators, and provides a standard against which LPC can measure itself, and be measured by others.

LPC aims to achieve this by:

  • Working constructively with the Harbourmaster and key stakeholders to safeguard Lyttelton Harbour, its users and the environment
  • Complying with all relevant legislation
  • Ensuring all LPC assets are properly resources, managed and maintained
  • Ensuring all LPC staff are appropriately trained
Talk to our team

For Health and Safety questions, please contact the LPC Health, Safety and Wellbeing Team: health.safety@lpc.co.nz.

Visitor Access

For visitor access or access card enquiries, please contact the LPC Security Team: SecurityTeam@lpc.co.nz or call 03 328 7917.

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