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Authority and Permit to Work System

LPC is a unique and complex working environment. Each day, many high-risk activities are carried out by LPC Staff, Contractors, Site and Port Users.

To provide an additional overview of activities on LPC Sites, LPC has established the LPC Authority and Permit to Work System.

Anyone wanting to access LPC sites to carry out activity that may expose people to an LPC Critical Risk must request an Authority to Work from the LPC Permit Office two business days in advance of the planned activity.

Given the nature of Port activity it is inevitable that short-notice authorities will be needed. The LPC Permit Office will endeavour to turn around short-notice requests in time to avoid undue delays.

Some work carries inherently high risk and must be carried out under an LPC Permit to Work or an activity-specific Authority to Work. Activity requiring a Permit or specific Authority to Work includes:

  • Diving within 200m of LPC wharves and infrastructure
  • Mobile, Crawler and Truck Mounted Crane Operations
  • Excavations
  • Watercraft operations within 200m of an LPC operational area, e.g., Survey Vessels, Punt operations.
  • Hot Work
  • Working at Height
  • Confined Space Entry


How to apply

Applicants are asked to complete the relevant Authority to Work application form via the APPLY NOW links (top right) and forward any relevant supporting documents (JSA/SWMS etc) to the LPC Permit Office via email to permits@lpc.co.nz

The Permit Office will review requests for potential issues and impacts on nearby activity, applicants may be contacted to clarify details or for additional information.

If a Permit to Work is required, the LPC Permit Office will advise of any additional information and supporting documentation requirements.

Once reviewed and approved an Authority or a Permit to Work will be issued and confirmation sent to the applicant via email.



  • To obtain the authentication code that you will need the first time you submit a form. Retain this code for future use.
  • For queries and to arrange for short-notice access approval.


Email: permits@lpc.co.nz

Phone: 03 741 5164

Address: 58 Norwich Quay, Lyttelton

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