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Lyttelton Harbour is a good anchorage with a sheltered deep water port, five nautical miles from the open sea.

The harbour, on the north-east coast of Banks Peninsula, runs westwards for eight nautical miles between two imposing headlands; Godley on the northern side and Adderley on the southern. Almost a mile and a quarter wide, the harbour opens into three wide and shallow bays beyond the township of Lyttelton. A dredged channel, starts at the heads and leads westwards to the Port. This provides a deep draught for commercial shipping in the South Island and makes the Port ideal for all types of modern container vessels, bulk carriers or conventional vessels.

New Zealand is a leading trading nation with an abundance of natural resources and highly productive land.  Lyttelton Port Company (LPC), which is located on the South Island’s east coast, takes advantage of the Island’s leading role in producing primary products for national and international markets.  Excellent road, rail and coastal sea links fan out from the Port, providing easy access for carriers to transport goods throughout the South Island.

The Inner Harbour provides sheltered berthing for a range of general cargo vessels. The entrance to the Inner Harbour is approximately 150m wide.


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43° 36 S


172° 43 E


5 nautical miles

From open sea

Channel Depth

Minimum design channel depth is 13.3m below chart datam

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