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The Lyttelton Port Recovery Plan

The Port is facing the largest development in its history and one of the largest recovery projects ever in New Zealand.

The Lyttelton Port Recovery Plan Process

Lyttelton Port wide shot

The Lyttelton Port Recovery Plan (LPRP), provides the framework for the Port’s future and is critical for planning how we meet the forecast increase in customer exports and imports. Lyttelton Port is a vital strategic asset with an essential role in Canterbury’s growth and the recovery of Christchurch.

The LPRP gives certainty on how our infrastructure repairs, rebuild and development will provide a Port to service the region over the next 30 years and ensure a modern, thriving Port that is well connected to the community and supports a healthy harbour environment.

Between June 2014 and November 2015 the Lyttelton Port Recovery Plan was developed.

Ministerial Direction

In June 2014, the Minister for Canterbury Earthquake Recovery directed Environment Canterbury (ECan) and Lyttelton Port Company (LPC) to prepare a Lyttelton Port Recovery Plan. The Plan had to ensure safe, efficient and effective operations, while taking account of the impact on the coastal marine area and the community, any implications on transport and the needs of users of the Port and its surrounding areas.

The Recovery Plan also had to allow for a streamlined process to see redevelopment occur in a timely and coordinated manner, whilst ensuring robust testing of information, and providing for the social, economic, cultural and environmental wellbeing of the Lyttelton and greater Christchurch communities.

Port Lyttelton Plan

Following this direction, LPC produced the Port Lyttelton Plan (PLP), our 30-year vision for the recovery and enhancement of the Port. The PLP was the starting point for extensive community communication and engagement. Much of the feedback was very positive. This, along with a large series of effects assessments and information and proposed changes to regulatory documents, formed the basis of the information package LPC provided to ECan in December 2014.

Preliminary draft Port Lyttelton Recovery Plan – June 2015

ECan then released its preliminary draft Port Lyttelton Recovery Plan and invited submissions. More than 270 submissions were received and 50 submitters chose to present and talk to their submission at a public hearing held at the Naval Point Yacht Club in June 2015. This process informed the preparation of the draft Lyttelton Port Recovery Plan.

Draft Lyttelton Port Recovery Plan

In August 2015 ECan presented the draft Lyttelton Port Recovery Plan to the Minister for Canterbury Earthquake Recovery.

Lyttelton Port Recovery Plan

On 19 November 2015 the Minister for Canterbury Earthquake Recovery, Hon. Gerry Brownlee, announced the Lyttelton Port Recovery Plan.

Future map


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