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Projects at the Port

As the Lyttelton Port Recovery Plan gets underway we will update the latest developments here.

Recording and preserving our Port’s history

Click here for the full Port history and archaeological study reports

Norwich Quay administration building site development

The building has been demolished and the area resurfaced

The former LPC administration building on the corner of Norwich Quay and Dublin Street suffered structural damage in the 2010/11 earthquakes.

The building has been removed and the area has been resurfaced.

LPC maintenance facilities will be established on site later this year.

Our head office will be rebuilt on Port land near the Container Terminal. This will allow most staff to work from one building and have a better working environment.


Cruise ships

We are working with the Christchurch City Council on developing the best overall option for Christchurch and Canterbury tourism. LPC is committed to a collaborative process with stakeholders.

New Oil Berth construction - starts 2017

Lyttelton Port is the major bulk fuel terminal for the South Island, importing over a million tonnes of bulk fuel (petroleum, LPG, methanol and bitumen) each year.
We are developing a detailed design and construction plan that will provide a strong and resilient structure to service the 117 bulk fuel vessels that visit the Port each year.

Dry Dock - new pumphouse

LPC is investing in a new pump house for the Dry Dock. Our Dry Dock is the only one in the South Island and is one of only two in New Zealand.

It was opened in January 1883 and is still regularly used by a wide variety of vessels. Electric pumps take three hours to pump the dock dry.

Te Ana Marina Development


Lyttelton Port of Christchurch (LPC) will develop a new marina at the inner harbour pile moorings site in Lyttelton Harbour. Development of the marina will create an engaging and vibrant waterfront with public access and connectivity between Lyttelton, the inner harbour and the recreational areas at Naval Point.

The new marina is the first stage of a wider regeneration plan to improve public access and amenities in the inner harbour area.

Te Ana will feature Christchurch’s only floating berth marina, complete with walk on access. On completion of Stages 1 and 2 it will feature up to 200 floating berths with lengths of 10m or more, providing shelter for yachts and powerboats. All berths will be supplied with water and power services and supported landside with carparks, lighting, security, a new marina office and washroom facilities.

We have used the name Dampier Bay when referring to the existing inner harbour pile moorings and landside area. Working closely with Te Hapū o Ngāti Wheke Rūnanga, we had the opportunity to rename the area to reflect iwi cultural values.

The area is to be formally renamed Te Ana, reflecting the significance of Te Ana o Huikai, a cultural site closely associated with Dampier Bay. Te Ana o Huikai was traditionally known as a sheltered rest area for safe anchorage, with bountiful fish and shell fisheries.

The new marina will be called Te Ana Marina. To get further information about Te Ana Marina and to express interest in licensing a berth please visit

This development is part of the Port Lyttelton Plan – a redevelopment strategy produced for the community following the Canterbury earthquakes. During community consultation, LPC received a strong message from local residents that they supported development in Dampier Bay and wanted safe access to the waterfront. The marina will breathe new life back into Lyttelton’s west side waterfront and meet the needs of Canterbury’s boating community.

This project is a significant milestone for the Port and wider community

We have started communications with current berth holders in the inner harbour moorings and will inform the local community of our plans.

Project overview

Total Marine Services (TMS), a specialist marine contracting company based in Auckland and the Bay of Islands to build the marina, won a competitive process to design the new marina.

In the first stage of Te Ana’s redevelopment, the existing inner harbour pile moorings will be removed and a new modern floating marina will be built. The initial development will provide in excess of 130 berths. A promenade linking the marina to the Lyttelton town centre, via existing access ways, will be developed, along with a walk way to the marina from Voelas Road. Associated landside infrastructure such as parking, a marina office, washrooms and other facilities will be progressively completed through 2017 and early 2018.

Stage 2 will see the marina expanded and development of the landside area to provide an accessible and attractive commercial precinct. This subsequent development will be subject to commercial demand and port operations.

We are aware that we must carefully manage noise during the building of the marina and strict environmental control measures will be enforced and communicated to the community.

Regular updates will be communicated prior to construction activity commencing on site in the first half of 2017.

 “A modern marina capable of accommodating more of Canterbury’s recreational boating community is well overdue. Public feedback gained during consultation for the Port Lyttelton Plan indicated a strong desire for a more attractive and accessible waterfront. Te Ana Marina is LPC’s first step towards regenerating the inner harbour as a vibrant community-focused destination, with direct connections to the Lyttelton township,”

– Lyttelton Port of Christchurch (LPC) Chief Executive Peter Davie.

How will berths be allocated?

A Registration of Interest (ROI) document with indicative prices, terms and conditions will be sent to current inner harbour mooring berth holders in October. Current berth holders will have first priority in securing a licence in the new marina at commercial rates. For existing berth holders who sign up to a new license agreement and pay a deposit their boat will be accommodated in the existing pile moorings while the new marina is being built.

People who are not existing licensed berth holders can apply for a licence for a new berth, and if oversubscribed, a ballot system may take place. LPC will assist berth holders where possible to identify alternative mooring options.

Questions and answers

  1. What is the ownership and operating model for the marina?

LPC will own and operate the marina and associated facilities.


  1. What land ownership model will be used?

LPC will continue to own all land in the project area.


  1. Who is building the new marina?

Total Marine Services (TMS), a specialist marine contracting company based in Auckland and the Bay of Islands with over 30 years of experience in the marine industry, won a competitive tender to build the marina.


  1. What is the target number of marina berths?

On completion of Stages 1 and 2 up to 200 berths with a final number to be determined during the design process.


  1. Will construction of the marina be noisy?

LPC has successfully worked with the community to reduce noise effects from operational port noise over many years. Effective stakeholder engagement will be a critical part of managing noise during the marina construction. Strict environmental noise control measures will be enforced and communicated to the community.

  1. Will any of the existing marina’s timber piles be retained?

All existing timber piles will be removed.

  1. What will happen to the boats currently berthed in the inner harbour pile moorings?

All existing berth holders in the inner harbour pile moorings have first priority. They have first right to berths in the new marina once they are assigned and licenses offered. LPC is working closely with these berth holders to keep them fully informed.

  1. How much will the new berths be?

Commercial rates will apply in the new marina, with fees being similar to other New Zealand marinas of this size. These berths will be owned and managed by LPC. The facilities will be superior to the current inner harbour pile moorings. A Registration of Interest (ROI) document will be available to anyone interested in leasing a berth in October – it will contain prices, terms and conditions.


  1. What about current berth holders who can not afford a berth in the new marina?

LPC appreciates for some existing berth holders the closing of the inner harbour pile moorings will be disappointing and they may choose not to license a berth in the new marina. LPC will assist berth holders where possible to identify alternative mooring options.

  1. How do other people obtain a berth in the new marina?

People who are not existing Dampier Bay inner harbour pile mooring berth holders may need to go into a ballot to secure a berth, if there are not enough berths to meet demand. Registration information is contained within the Registration of Interest (ROI) document.

  1. How will the public access Te Ana Marina?

Vehicle access for the initial stages of the marina development will be from Godley Quay. Vehicle access from Norwich / Sutton Quay is planned for future development.


  1. Is the Diamond Harbour Ferry moving to the marina?

The Diamond Harbour Ferry terminal will eventually be relocated from its current location at A and B Jetty to the eastern end of the marina.


  1. Will planning for the return of cruise ships to Lyttelton Port impact on the new marina?

The planning and execution of the Te Ana development project is independent of the cruise berth project.

For further information

Email communications@lpc.co.nz of ring (03) 328 8198 to join a mailing list to receive further information and regular updates.


The map shows Stage 1 of the new marina to be built at the inner harbour pile moorings in Lyttelton Harbour. The area includes the land below Simeon and Godley Quays between No. 7 Wharf and Lyttelton Engineering.

Te-Ana Design Guide

Te-Ana Marina Briefing Notes

Jetty 7 - scoping and designing repairs

Work to scope the repairs for Jetty 7 have commenced.

Jetties 4, 5 and 6 - eventual demolition

Jetties 4, 5 and 6 will eventually be demolished.

A demolition trial of some of the piles of Jetty 4 has been undertaken to ensure the best methodology is chosen for extraction of the piles and the demolition of the jetties.

Log yard improvements

These improvements mean better service for port users and customers - as well as a better environment for the local community

A project to reseal the 15,000 square metre log storage area in front of Norwich Quay in Lyttelton was completed in June 2016.

The resealing has provided a fit for purpose all-weather log yard, with reduced dust effects and ensures a high quality of storm water treatment.

New HQ - combined operational and administration building

LPC is developing a new Operational and Administration building inside the Port near the Container Terminal.

Piling and in-ground service installation will begin mid-2016.

This will bring administration and operational staff together in one building for the first time. It is expected that the new head office building will be completed by the end of 2017.

Crane 4

The new crane works with the other three ship to shore cranes at the Lyttelton Container Terminal to enhance safe, reliable service, turning vessels around in the shortest possible time.

A new $12 million ship to shore gantry crane began operating at LPC in August 2014, supporting faster container transfers and increased productivity.

The Port now has three of its four cranes with twin lifting capability. The new crane, the Liebherr Super Post Panamax ship-to-shore, has the greatest reach, up to 18 containers wide, and greatest lift capacity at 70 tonnes, and can service vessels up to 8,000 TEUs (twenty foot equivalent containers).

It gives the Container Terminal the capability to service two vessels at the same time – instead of only one. It will also allow more cranes to be used on large ships, increasing productivity in container transfer to and from vessels.

The new crane and eight Liebherr straddle carriers are a $26 million investment in infrastructure made by LPC to support enhanced customer service, Port productivity and efficiency.

The new crane is one of the latest models in New Zealand. It was constructed in Ireland by specialist German manufacturer Liebherr, with New Zealand company Rich Rigging completing and assembling it on site at the Lyttelton Container Terminal.

Video: timelapse of Crane 4 construction

Cashin Quay 2 wharf rebuild

The new Cashin Quay 2 wharf is an important part of the long term plan to ensure we have a thriving port that supports the growing Canterbury economy.

LPC has completed the rebuild of one of Lyttelton Port’s main wharves, Cashin Quay 2.

The 230 metre long wharf was severely damaged during the earthquakes and has been rebuilt to be a stronger, deeper and more resilient structure.

The wharf increases the Container Terminal’s capacity, boosting the number of berths available to container ships and providing increased efficiency.

View highlights from the official opening in February 2016 here

Te Awaparahi Bay Reclamation

The reclamation is a win-win for Christchurch and the Port

The reclamation project, at Te Awaparahi Bay, in the east of the Port, is a sustainable solution for the disposal of clean earthquake-demolition material.

Following the earthquake in February 2011, The Government approved the 10-hectare reclamation at Lyttelton Port using rubble from Christchurch’s earthquake building demolition. This process has given Christchurch a practical way to deal with some of the estimated 8.5 million tonnes of rubble and material from the earthquake. It has saved Christchurch and the wider Canterbury region over $100 million in dumping costs, whilst also expanding Port infrastructure to support forecast growth in containerised cargo.

Space has become particularly critical since the earthquakes and our 10-hectare reclamation will provide critical port infrastructure which is urgently required to support our rebuild programme.

The reclaimed area is progressing well and was over 9.35 hectares (as at February 2016). At a time when the Port has limited paved and hardstand areas, the site is now providing valuable storage space for the new Empty Container Yard.

LPC has in place a robust environmental management plan to ensure the minimisation and mitigation of any environment impacts and to support the ecological health of the harbour.

Environmental Safeguards
Rigorous best-practice measures have been put in place, including:

Quality of rubble
Stringent monitoring controls have been established to ensure that only clean fill that meets strict criteria is placed into the reclamation area. Acceptable materials include stone, bricks, tiles, aggregates, concrete and glass.

The rubble is sorted and inspected by demolition experts at the demolition site before it is consigned to the port. As part of our consents LPC has detailed Acceptance Criteria for the material going into the reclamation. The criteria have been issued to all demolition companies and CERA.

On arrival, all trucks are inspected and photographed. Should any loads not meet the Acceptance Criteria they are refused and details provided to Ecan. In accordance with our consents, we keep comprehensive records of all loads received, and the origin of the material and composition, and this information is recorded for each load using new handheld devices.

Containment of debris
The construction methodology ensures minimal disruption of the seabed and thus reduces the possibility of any significant mud waves and associated sediment plumes. We have installed a $220,000 purpose-built containment boom and silt curtain designed in accordance with international best practice.

Monitoring of beaches
We regularly monitor harbour beaches to detect any possible demolition litter that may have escaped our safeguards. Anyone with concerns can contact our Environmental Manager on 027 298 1347.

Port Talk

Port Talk is open on Fridays between 11am and 1pm.

LPC has established an information centre, called Port Talk, in the Lyttelton Township. It’s a place where the community can come and ask questions about the Lyttelton Port Recovery Plan, provide feedback, and get updates about what’s happening at the Port.

Port Talk is on the corner of Oxford and London Street and has an LPC representative present on Fridays between 11am and 1pm.

On Saturday 30 April 2016 between 10.30am and 1pm, The LPC Dampier Bay Design and Project team will be onsite to discuss the development of Dampier Bay.

Jetty 2 and Jetty 3 - repair and upgrade

Necessary wharf repairs and an upgrade on Jetties 2 and 3 is currently underway and is expected to be complete early 2017.

The works require the temporary closure of Oxford Street overbridge and access to the in-shore end of the jetties will be restricted to ensure safety.

More information on the Oxford Street overbridge closure is here.

Upgrading the wharf is important to provide the quality of port services our region needs


To keep pace with international shipping trends for larger, deeper vessels, LPC is proposing to deepen and lengthen the existing Lyttelton Harbour/Whakaraupo shipping channel. This will ensure LPC continues to support our regional and local economy by providing efficient transport solutions for Canterbury’s import and export economy.

Resource consents are required for the channel deepening. These must be applied for and gained before any works can start.

As part of preparing a resource consent application, LPC is working with independent experts to understand how the project may effect the physical, social and cultural environment. This includes detailed work to understand effects on marine ecologies, incorporating marine mammals and their food sources,  both inside and outside the harbours.

LPC is committed to ensuring the environmental, social and cultural sustainability of Lyttelton Harbour. As part of this commitment  LPC will, and looks forward to, engaging with the community as our assessment work progresses.

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