Sustainability: Carbon monitoring success at LPC

LPC has recently received the Toitu carbonreduce certification for a third year.

The Toitu program help to ensure that we are on the right path when it comes to carbon monitoring and management.

As we continue the journey towards our goal of being net zero carbon by 2050, accurately measuring our carbon footprint is an essential part of this.

Our annual review from Toitu showed that we were down 2% on emissions from the previous year.

Although this number will fluctuate, it’s a start to our long term plan to transition to a low carbon future.

LPC is well underway with implementing solutions, including the electrification of our light vehicle fleet, our energy efficency program and the purchasing of lower carbon emission straddles.

Head of Environment and Sustainability Kim Kelleher says one of the great aspects of working with Toitu, is getting advice and assistance on how the Port can reduce our emissions.

“Toitu help us to understand areas for improvement and inform our strategy to ensure that we will reach our goal.

“It is important to incorporate the environmental impact into every business decision whether that’s the purchasing of new straddles to recycling PPE.”

LPC is committed to understanding and reducing our environmental impact, and is one of 102 organisations that are part of New Zealand’s Climate Leaders Coalition.

“We are not only doing this to support our local environment, but we want to be a leader in New Zealand and work towards creating a sustainable future.”

Being part of the Climate Leaders Coalition commits us to collective action on climate change issues, including supporting the transition to a low emission economy and education on climate change.

To read more about our sustainability goals, check out our website

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