Community: Check out our newlook Port weather

At LPC we are proud to provide free weather information on our website to the public so harbour users can enjoy our beautiful environment – rain, hail or shine.

Across LPC our people rely on up-to-date weather information to go about their jobs safely. For a number of years now we have made this information publicly available on our website as we know many boaties, paddlers and recreational harbour users appreciate benefit from knowing the current conditions.

Recently we made the decision to change the display platform for our Port weather information. The weather display, optimised for both desktop and mobile users, is now displayed using PortWeather dashboards provided by OMC International – a leader in port weather analysis and display platforms across Australasia.

Our weather information continues to be provided by MetService based on local observations.

LPC’s asset manager Ben Burnell says the new platform provides excellent clarity, flexibility, and accessibility.

“The previous system, while familiar to many, had challenges of its own and was not readily maintained due to its customised nature.

“We know changes like this can take a little while to get used to, so we thank those who have already provided feedback on the new display.”

While our weather platform is focused on providing accurate information for our staff and port users, if you have any feedback on the site, please don’t hesitate to get in touch: Check out our weather website here.

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