Sustainability: Clean Marina Pledge takes next steps

Having taken the Clean Marina Pledge, Te Ana Marina is committed to keeping the water around it clean and healthy.

To aid in this, the team has implemented a new water quality monitoring programme to learn more about what’s in the water around the marina.

The pledge is an internationally recognised standard that dedicates Te Ana to creating and administering environmental management systems that promote a healthy and vibrant environment.

Marina Manager Matt Blythe says the testing will help us look at the water over time to ensure we expand on the positive impact we have.

“We want to protect the coastal and marine environment and support marine life, especially as Te Ana continues to grow.

Currently, nine sites are monitored twice a week.

Environmental Business Partner Kirsty Brennan says parameters such as dissolved oxygen and pH levels are measured using hand-held instruments as well as samples that are analysed in a lab for suspended sediment dissolved metals, faecal bacteria, and nutrients.

“Collecting the results over a long period of time can indicate when something is causing the environment to change and will help identify areas of pollution.”

“There are a range of activities that can impact water quality, including runoff from recreational vessels and industrial activities as well as shipping and tidal movements,” says Kirsty

“We are also looking to understand more about how rain events impact the water quality by delivering sediment, nutrients and other pollutants into the harbour.”

The Clean Marina Pledge also extends outside of the water and looks at things like waste management, pests and weeds, and biodiversity.

“The marina is a wonderful place for the community to spend time, and I want to make sure we are giving them a clean and healthy place to relax,” says Matt.

“This programme is a great start to have some tangible results and taking the next step in our knowledge.

“It’s been fantastic to have support from teams across LPC as well as the community, who all recognise the importance of this work.”

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