Customer Focus: All Good Oat Milk

For over a decade, the team at All Good have been bringing Kiwis plant-based food that’s good for growers, people and the planet. Faye MacGregor, All Good General Manager, shares the story of their newest creation: creamy, dreamy oat milk – delivered through Lyttelton Port.

Tell us about All Good and the vision behind the business. 

We provide plant-based food and beverages that are good for the land, good for growers and good for people. We were first to bring fair trade bananas to NZ in 2010 and now we’ve developed the very best tasting Oat Milk. 

What exactly is oat milk (and is it friends with coffee)?  

Just like the name suggests, it’s milk made from oats. Oat milk is the best plant milk to enjoy with coffee, because it foams really nicely and can handle the heat. 

Where does All Good Oat Milk come from? 

Sweden, the home of plant milk innovation. Our manufacturer has a secret, patented enzyme process that creates the best tasting oat milk, with a flavour and creaminess closest to regular milk. We’re using native New Zealand forest credits to offset the carbon emitted on the journey.  

Do you have any particular shipping challenges to navigate?  

All Good Oat Milk is shelf stable, so it always arrives fresh and ready for drinking. Instead, our challenges lie in ensuring reliable transport given the current global situation. Having strong relationships with our logistics partners is a big help there. 

LPC has a very strong drive towards environmental sustainability. Is this something that you can relate to with All Good?  

Absolutely. Sustainably is part of our DNA. We believe that all brands have a responsibility to do business in a way that has a positive outcome for the planet and people.  

Has your oat milk been well received by Kiwis?  

Yes, uptake has been very positive and demand continues to grow. Changing attitudes paired with great tasting milk alternatives have seen plant-based dairy products dive directly into the mainstream. 

Any exciting new All Good initiatives to look out for?  

Earlier this year we launched New Zealand’s first zero carbon (and fair trade) banana from Ecuador. We’ve reduced emissions by using solar power, organic fertilisers and recycling on-farm plastic. Remaining emissions are being offset by helping to protect Peruvian rainforests, near where our bananas start their lives. 

What personally excites you about spearheading a business like All Good? 

I believe that every small daily choice can help cultivate a world we want to live in. I feel so proud to work for such a forward thinking, progressive brand who are focused on people and planet. Oh, and the daily oat milk flat whites are a bonus too! 

For anyone keen to try All Good Oat Milk, where can they get it?  

Their local café, New World, Pak’NSave, Farro, Moore Wilson’s and other specialty grocers. It can also be purchased directly from our website at 

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