Our People: From heavy machinery to hardware

For many, a switch in career seems daunting, but for boilermaker turned tech pro Shaun, it was all about pursuing passions. 

Shaun started at LPC in 2017 in our workshop as a boilermaker. In November, he ditched the heavy machinery for hardware, now working as LPC’s Digital Support Technician. 

When he was part of our Maintenance Engineering Team, Shaun helped to look after our plant including pre-emptive checks and repairs on the coal system, cranes and straddles. 

Coming from construction in Western Australia, working on big bits of gear is nothing new for Shaun. 

But after working with contractors coming and going, he says it was nice to work in a permanent team. 

“It’s a really good team in the workshop, it’s great to have that consistency. 

“Working shifts means you get to work every part of 24 hours with someone. It’s hard not to get along as a team after that.” 

But for the last two years, while working full time at the Port, Shaun has also been studying at Whitecliffe College for a diploma in IT Technical Support. 

Shaun explains that computers were always an interest for him, from the ones in cars, to his set-up at home. 

“I spent a lot of time working on different projects and so one day I thought why don’t I try and do this for a living and then I jumped in the deep end.” 

While a full-time job and part time study is a lot for anyone to juggle, Shaun says the shift work helped him get it all done. 

“Working day, evening and night shifts meant I could have a good balance and could get into the campus when I needed to.” 

Stepping into the new position is the first office-based role for Shaun but having background knowledge of LPC’ operations has been amazing. 

“I don’t have a lot of experience in the field, so the team has been super supportive and helpful.   

“It’s great to see the practical application of what I have studied.” 

While future study is on the cards, as Shaun wants to work towards a bachelor’s, he plans to take some time off study to focus on learning everything he can in his new role. 

“I’ve never been so busy but enjoyed it so much at the same time.” 

His final piece of advice for anyone on the edge of a career change –just don’t be afraid. 

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