Our People: From Lyttelton cadet to captain

With a career that started when he was 17 in Lyttelton, Clint Willemsen is back to start his next chapter.

Joining LPC in January as a casual lines supervisor, Clint has recently received his Master Foreign-going ticket.

The master’s is the most senior command certificate available, which means Clint can serve as the master of a vessel of any size travelling anywhere in the world.

“I have always had a true passion for the water and started my training at 17 on a cadet ship. Obtaining my master’s has been a huge focus for many years, and to finally have it all come together is an unbelievable feeling.”

Before joining LPC, Clint has had a variety of roles travelling around the world, including multiple transits through the Suez Canal and overseeing the construction of the world’s largest self-propelled drilling rig Ocean GreatWhite.

“After 10 years in the oil and gas industry working ‘fly in, fly out’, I’m excited to be back in Lyttelton with a shore-based focus so I can spend time with my wife and two young kids.”

With this qualification under his belt, Clint is looking forward to the new opportunities at LPC.

“My goal is to train up to become a tug master or a pilot so I’m looking forward to working with the Marine Team.”

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