Sustainability: Game-changing sweeper cleans up the log yard
The sweeper attachment working in the log yard to pick up dust.

LPC has recently added a sweeper brush to the list of tools we are using to manage the environmental impact of our operations.

The sweeper attachment for our tractor arrived in March and allows the Port Services Team to sweep dust and fine bark from the log yard.

The aim is to use this almost daily, to minimise the dust that is produced from log operations.

Senior Manager Bulk Cargo Tony Simpson says he is thrilled to get to this point, as the sweeper has a number of environmental benefits.

“Reducing the dust means that we can also reduce the use of the water cart and greatly lower our overall water consumption in this area.

“Minimising dust from the yard also decreases the amount of discharge into the stormwater system which is fantastic. “

As well as the log yard, the sweeper can be used around LPC, especially on the cruise berth and the wharves in the inner harbour.

“It’s amazing the small pieces of rubbish and debris that get left behind on a wharf, so it’s great to have this tool to help pick up pieces we may miss, like small pieces of plastic.

“We have already had a lot of great feedback with people noticing a real difference, it’s a wonderful and easy improvement.”

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