Sustainability: Hands up for eco-restoration!

LPC is proud to be restoring 17 hectares of our land to native trees and species in Lyttelton.

 We are even prouder to be doing it with our own team.  

This month we had our first eco-restoration day, a chance for LPC staff to get involved in the project.  

LPC has been working with Banks Peninsula Conservation Trust since 2014 to restore the land, which has so far seen over 2000 trees planted.  

Environmental Business Partner Kirsty Brennan says it was fantastic to have a day to share this project with staff.  

“We know the LPC team really cares about the environment and the Port Saddle is a large part of our biodiversity positive strategy, so it is important to build momentum within our teams and provide opportunities for staff to contribute.”

Between the 27 strong crew, they dug over 350 holes, starting the next area of the restoration.  

For Culture and Transformation Coordinator Ashley Hyland, it was a chance to get out of the office, explore somewhere new and connect with colleagues she had never met before. 

“It was great to be given the chance to be shown around the area and learn about how LPC is supporting our local environment.  

“It was also a chance to meet people who work at different sites that you would never normally talk to and a fantastic way to get to know people better.”

Restoration is a slow process, and we can only plant trees in line with what we know we can maintain in those first five critical years for the tree to succeed.  

“Hopefully, these staff restoration days will continue in the future so we can continue to support the amazing work that is being done, as well as providing a team-building opportunity,” says Kirsty.

“LPC has big plans for the Port Saddle, and we are committed to making this a great asset for the community.”


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