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Independent Review

LPC has released an independent review into workplace culture, which has clearly laid out the need for cultural change at the Port. 

The independent review into workplace culture was commissioned by LPC Chief Executive Officer Roger Gray in May 2020 with the support of the LPC Board and led by Maria Dew QC.  

The review terms of reference covered allegations relating to bullying, racial and sexual discrimination, harassment and unfair selection of family members for roles. The review covered the 3-year period from 2017 to 2020.  

Close to 100 current and former staff came forward to be interviewed for the review.  

LPC would like to thank all of the nearly 100 current and former staff who came forward to speak to the review and help build a new culture. 

LPC’s four main workforce unions – the Rail and Maritime Union of New Zealand, Maritime Union of New Zealand, New Zealand Merchant Service Guild and Amalgamated Workers Union New Zealand – were all fully engaged in the process of the review.   

We would also like to thank Maria who has done an excellent job holding a mirror up to our organisation and providing a strong starting point for everyone to all work together to continue to change.

The executive summary of the review can be viewed here.

LPC encourages all staff to speak to their Leader, a member of the People and Safety Team, the Executive Leadership Team or via the confidential third-party phone line if they have any concerns or witness any inappropriate behaviour at work

Moving forward

Ehara taku toa i te toa takitahi engari he toa takitini.

The success of our work is not that of the individual but that of the many.

We have accepted and plan implement all the review’s 32 recommendations, which include five focus areas:

  • Persistent Dignity and Respect: Employees repeatedly said it is important that LPC Leaders consistently demonstrate dignity and respect.
  • Address Diversity and Inclusion: Improve diversity and inclusion, recognising the Review has identified diversity as central to improving workplace culture at LPC.
  • People Accountability and Investment: Improve accountability for poor conduct and at the same time investment in the performance and development of people.
  • Immediate Conduct Concerns: Investigations into immediate conduct concerns raised in the report are now underway.
  • Reduce “Them & Us” Barriers: Provide structured opportunities for LPC staff to work together to break down barriers that exist between teams.


These recommendations will also include specialist training for all LPC staff on appropriate workplace conduct.


We will release six-monthly Workplace Culture Action Plan updates on progress made towards implementation of the recommendations, as well as further measures we’ve taken to support change at LPC.

We are determined to build a culture where everyone feels respected for their work no matter what their gender or ethnicity. Bullying and harassment have no place at LPC.

Here are the most recent Workplace Culture Action Plan updates, which can also be found at the top of this page:

Second half, 2021 financial year, published 30 September 2021

First half, 2022 financial year, published 31 March 2022

– Second half, 2022 financial year, published 30 September 2022

– Second half, 2023 financial year, published 31 July 2023


Our Action Plan

Our action plan is a road map and timeline on how we are going to implement the review’s recommendations.   

The action plan has been endorsed by our Board of Directors, and all four of our Unions have had an opportunity to provide feedback on the plan. Our Board is committed to ensuring we have the resources and support we need to follow this road map. 

Read the action plan here.  

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