Community: Lending rock bags to our friends across the ditch

COVID-19 has impacted many businesses in unexpected ways. When a storm hit the East Coast of Australia in July, it caused the erosion of many beaches and effected beach houses.  

The installation of rock bags was deemed the best solution, however the large and sudden demand exceeded the supplier Bluemont’s stock.  

With COVID-19 limiting not only resources available but transportation to get more to the project, LPC was asked to lend a hand. 

We rose to the challenge and immediately sent over 100 Kyowa 4t Eco-Green rock bags, which we had used in the construction of our Cruise Berth.  

Bluemont’s Director Arnaud Diemont says the bags have now been delivered and is thankful to LPC for lending a hand.  

“It’s a great example of how we can all work together and show how close Australia and New Zealand are.” 

We are proud to help our friends across the ditch – especially in such a difficult year for construction projects across the globe.  


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