Sustainability: LPC becomes a principal sponsor of conservation trust
BPCT Chair Penny Carnaby, LPC Head of Environment and Sustainability Kim Kelleher and BPCT General Manager Maree Burnett at the 20th-anniversary celebration.

On March 28th, LPC was honoured to join the Banks Peninsula Conservation Trust (BPCT) in celebrating their 20th anniversary.

BPCT is a not-for-profit organisation that works with the community, land-owners, national and local government agencies, iwi, and businesses to improve and protect the Peninsula’s natural environment.

LPC has been a significant supporter of BPCT since 2014 when the organisations partnered to implement the Port Saddle restoration project on 17 ha port land in Lyttelton – a thriving initiative which BPCT continue to manage and develop.

This year, LPC has increased our level of support to that of a principal partner. This sees a doubling of funds provided to the trust, which General Manager Maree Burnett says will make a real difference for the organisation.

“While our conservation programmes attract strong financial support, it can be a real struggle to cover day-to-day operating costs. LPC’s new level of sponsorship assists in strengthening our financial resilience.”

Partnering with BPCT is much more than simply a goodwill measure. The partnership represents a key action towards realising LPC’s sustainability goal of being positive biodiversity.

LPC’s Head of Environment and Sustainability Kim Kelleher speaking at BPCT 20th anniversary event.

Head of Environment and Sustainability, Kim Kelleher, says that continuing to develop LPC’s relationship with the trust is fundamental to playing our part for nature.

“The BPCT is an exceptional organisation. Not only do they have deep ecological knowledge, they have the business and relationship skills needed to create real impact. It makes sense for us to support the work and planning that they’ve already done for Banks Peninsula.”

While a 20 year anniversary is a milestone achievement, Maree is mindful that protecting and enhancing the Peninsula’s biodiversity is a long term journey. She says that aligning with like-minded organisations along the way is key.

“The trust looks to build enduring relationships with corporates where we are confident they wish to strengthen their environmental practices and we have good value alignment.

“Our relationship with LPC has evolved really nicely over the last seven years. We’ve seen a positive change within LPC. Their environmental practices have improved, they’ve committed to an ambitious sustainability strategy and they’re taking very real steps towards their goals.

“Our principal sponsorship relationship with LPC is a real testament to the integrity of their vision.”

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