Port News: LPC lodges Coal Dust Resource Consent

After months of planning, extensive monitoring, research and consultation, LPC has lodged the Coal Air Discharge Resource Consent to replace the current consent which enables us to store and handle coal for export.   

Our prior consent was granted in 1997 and is due to expire in 2022.  

The coal we store at LPC is mostly coking coal, which is used in the production of steel.  

New Zealand coking coal is considered some of the best in the world due to its high carbon content, giving it a strong export demand and makes a significant contribution to our regional economy. 

Although LPC does not intend on making any changes to how coal is currently delivered and exportedthrough the assessment process undertakenwe are proposing to upgrade monitoring and mitigation to reflect new technology and products that have been developed in recent years. 

This includes real time air quality monitoring that will trigger the yard operators and dust suppression systems to respond accordingly.  

We are also looking at using tools such as fog cannons when the quantity of coal is higher to further prevent dust spread.  

LPC has volunteered to have the resource consent publicly notified and processing is now underway by Environment Canterbury who will notify the application in due course.  

For more information please visit our dedicated web page, or if you wish to discuss this application with LPC please contact lpccommunications@lpc.co.nz 

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