Customer Focus: Noopii nappies: the sustainable solution.

Creating sustainable nappies is not an easy task, but a successful New Zealand company is proving these household essentials can be made with the environment in mind.

Noopii is a New Zealand nappy brand with a local Lyttelton connection that is driven by making products that not only benefit the environment but as a social enterprise company, they are focused on helping wider communities with strong social and environmental drivers.

The award-winning products are developed and designed in New Zealand and manufactured overseas.

The nappies then arrive at Auckland Port for North Island distribution before they are shipped to Lyttelton to be dispatched across the South Island.

Noopii nappies are made from more than 70% plant-based sustainable and renewable materials, have a cotton blend outer, paper packaging and contain mānuka hydrosol, making them naturally anti-bacterial and helping to prevent nappy rash – a world first.

CEO Bridget Bodie-Healy says Noopii was made to be a ‘challenger’ brand to conventional nappies on the New

Zealand market and will be exported worldwide. “Whenever we need to make a decision for the company, we just ask if this is going to serve children, families and the environment.

We run our thinking through our environmental, social and healthcare lens. If it’s not going to have a positive impact, then we don’t move forward with it. In that respect, it’s quite simplistic – it’s the product design that often provides the challenge.”

For each pack sold, a percentage of funds is donated to the Trees that Count programme through the Noopii One Pack One Tree initiative supporting reforestation as well as native species and habitat recovery organisations Yellow-eyed Penguin Trust, Forest & Bird and Project Jonah NZ.

When asked about starting a new business, Bridget says it’s all about confidence and determination.

“If you spend all your time sitting and wondering, you’ll never get anywhere. It’s all about hard work, determination and commitment. Making a world-class award-winning brand takes high productivity, passion and laser focus.”

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