Interview: Port scholarship support students next step

The winner of LPC’s Director scholarship, Charlotte Holt, is excited about the new opportunities that university will bring.

The annual scholarship is awarded to the child of an LPC employee who is going into their first year at University of Canterbury.

In February, Charlotte started study for a double degree in law and history.

The scholarship was established after the Christchurch earthquakes in 2010 and 2011 to recognise the hard work and commitment of LPC staff to keep operations running in difficult and uncertain times.

Charlotte’s father Chris Holt has worked at LPC since 2010 and is currently Scheduling Manager for the Container Terminal.

“I’m extremely proud of Charlotte, she has worked very hard in the past couple of years and the scholarship provides a fantastic opportunity,” says Chris.

“I’m really pleased she is going to the University of Canterbury and is already embracing uni culture with open arms.”

Charlotte says she is nervous and excited about all the changes university will bring.

“I’m looking forward to meeting new people, exploring the campus and learning more about the things I am passionate about. It’s scary, but it’s part of growing up.”

Charlotte’s decision to study law and history came from a growing fascination with the subjects throughout high school.

“I am definitely stronger at writing and loved my legal and psychology, history, classics and theology classes.

“I think New Zealand history is important for everyone to learn as it helps shape our future.”

The double degree will take about five years, and after that, Charlotte wants to get into social work and criminal justice.

“A law degree is very versatile, and it’s a great base that can take me anywhere, but at the moment, I would like to work with the New Zealand prison system.”

Charlotte wants to thank LPC for the scholarship and helping relieve the financial pressure of university.

“This whole opportunity is a chance to learn more about LPC, and I am so proud of my dad for being part of the shipping industry as an essential worker.

“After receiving the scholarship, [LPC CEO] Roger told me I was a part of the LPC family, and it’s great to know I have that support, tackling my first year of university.”

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