Community: White noise alarms to reduce Port noise.

If you have noticed that the Port is a bit quieter than normal, it is thanks to the new broadband alarms that have been installed on our straddles and other heavy machinery.

In total, 30 straddles have been converted to the new alarms, with the aim to have these alarms in place on all Port and contractor machinery operating at the Port in the future.

An initiative driven by the Environmental team, these alarms replace the tonal alarms and help us reduce the overall port noise.

LPC Environmental Advisor Dr Crystal Lenky says new technology and products mean that we can meet occupational health and safety requirements while also reducing noise off site.

The broadband alarms work by producing white noise across several frequencies, and while they are as loud as the previous tonal alarms, they are not as obvious at a distance, causing less disturbance in the community.

“The tonal alarms were audible at a considerable distance from the Port because the tone stands out above the local background noise – the new broadband alarms lack those distinctive characteristics,” says Crystal.

Safety is a priority here at the Port, and it was essential that the new alarms were able to alert staff on the ground to moving machinery around them.

A 3-month trial was completed to understand any potential risks from the new alarms, but our team agreed that the broadband alarms provided a great awareness to the straddles around them.

We know that keeping our noise levels at a minimum is important to the community that we are part of. That’s why we proactively work to minimise the noise we make.

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