Port News: Workplace Culture - our progress

Cultural change is a long journey, making it hard to understand the progress as it unfolds.

That’s why we’re excited to take a look back at the last six months to understand what has been happening at LPC.

After the Maria Dew workplace culture investigation, LPC committed ourselves to report on our progress every six months, to share our changes and be accountable for our actions.

The below report is our second update covering the key focus areas highlighted in the initial review; persistent dignity and respect, addressing diversity and inclusion, people accountability and investment, immediate conduct concerns, and reduce us and them barriers.

It also includes two new areas, systems, processes and support as well as engagement.

Acting CEO Kirstie Gardener says she is proud to report that in the past six months, we have achieved a lot.

“That is not to say that as of today, we have ideal workplace culture. We know we still have a long way to go, and we are prepared for a long and arduous voyage.”

Click the report below to read more.

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