Community: Crusaders jersey raises money for Cholmondeley Children's Centre
Winner of the Crusaders jersey, Fitter Turner Caleb Brandt.

LPC is proud to have raised $6380 for Cholmondeley Children’s Centre with a signed 2023 Crusaders jersey staff fundraiser.

LPC staff bought over 600 tickets in a raffle to win a signed 2023 Champion Crusaders jersey. All the money collected was matched dollar for dollar by LPC, with all funds going to Cholmondeley Children’s Centre based in Governors Bay.

Jim Quinn, LPC interim CEO, was delighted staff got behind the fundraiser.

“It was a great cause and a wonderful opportunity for all the staff to get involved,” says Jim.

“I am proud that we could match the money raised, dollar for dollar, and support the Cholmondeley Children’s Charity,” he added.

Fitter Turner Caleb Brandt was the lucky winner of the jersey. Continuing his act of charity, he has decided to donate the jersey back to Cholmondeley to see if even more money can be raised.

Cholmondeley Children’s Centre Fundraising Manager Regan Hines said he was stunned by the amount of money raised.

“It is incredible, so much more than we expected, I can’t believe how huge it went,” says Regan.

“It is great to see the local community come together to help us… it will help out with the kids,” he added.

Cholmondeley offers short-term respite care for whānau with children aged 5-12 that can be accessed in times of whānau stress or crisis and includes planned stays to allow a greater focus on the well-being of everyone.

“They stay three to four nights every six weeks up to twelve years old. We also have a refocus team and are doing a lot of outreach out into the community, so we have a team that goes out and works with the more difficult cases,” says Regan.

An LPC staff member gifted the signed 2023 Champion Crusaders rugby jersey, and the Port is incredibly proud of everyone on the LPC team who supported this great cause and event.

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