Community: Port News: LPC Welcomes Sponsorship Applications

Lyttelton Port Company is taking sponsorship applications, and encourage anyone interested to apply and share their ideas and goals.

Chief Bulk Cargo, Engagement and Sustainability Officer Phil de Joux said in the past we have actively supported youth initiatives, sports, environment, and business.

“We try to focus on significant and important matters that were identified from the feedback we received from our community” he added.

He shared that LPC was proud to support the young talent and the spirit of sportsmanship with a sausage sizzle at the junior rugby on Saturday, June 8th at the annual Club Day.

“We’ve had a relationship with Lyttelton Rugby for a long time. We’ve sponsored youth rugby for many years, and in the last couple of years, we’ve started to sponsor the senior team as well.”

LPC holds long-term relationships in the environment space, and he said, “It’s a really important part of what we do.”


LPC has a strong partnership with the Banks Peninsula Conservation Trust, which holds a unique position of being one of the few trusts in the country with covenanting power under legislation.

LPC works closely with the trust on various projects, such as the Port Saddle development and the Gollans Bay Quarry covenant, to aid its work in the harbour and support the peninsula’s biodiversity.

LPC also has a long-standing history of supporting the Quail Island Ecological Restoration Trust in the transportation of plants to the island for its annual planting programme and financial support.

LPC values giving back to the communities around us with the sponsorship and community programs.

Applications close on Wednesday, 31 July 2024 and can be completed online on the LPC website here.

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