Safety: LPC wins awards
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LPC is the proud recipient of the Chartered Institute of Transport and Logistics Safety Made Simple Award 2023 for our team’s efforts to reduce the number of tip alarms while operating our straddles at the port.

Straddle tip alarm data was reviewed by our Health and Safety team after the Maintenance team led a digital project that resulted in the reporting, managing and identifying the risk of straddle tip events.

What LPC found was that thousands of tip events were triggered every month. These tip alarm numbers were shared with the team in the container terminal and the drivers of the straddles. LPC reviewed the data, implemented training programmes and updated daily tip alarm numbers with staff to bring the numbers down.

The results were immediate. Tip alarms dramatically reduced from up to a thousand a day to single digits.

This project is an excellent example of collaboration between LPC Health and Safety, Maintenance Engineering, Digital Operations Management and the container terminal workforce to achieve excellent outcomes and keep our crew safe to go home safe every day.

Abbey Clapp winner of CILT Young Achiever Award. Photo / LPC

Abbey Clapp wins Young Achiever Award

Congratulations to LPC Head of Cargo Coordination Abbey Clapp, who won the Young Achiever of the Year Award. The award highlights someone actively involved in the day-to-day operation and development of transport and logistics in New Zealand, demonstrating a contribution to the body of knowledge
in the industry, leadership and organisational skills and project or program implementation skills.

Abbey says that the feeling of accomplishment and pride that washed over her was beyond words.

“This award has not only validated my efforts from the past 16 years but also served as a reminder that my aspirations within the transport and logistics field are well within reach. The profound gratitude I felt extended to my mentors, colleagues, and especially my family, who have often made sacrifices to support my career journey,” says Abbey.

“With this recognition in hand, I am determined to keep pushing boundaries, fostering innovation, and making meaningful contributions to the future of  logistics and transport.”

LPC finalist in Excellence and Innovation Awards

LPC was also a finalist in the Excellence and Innovation award for implementing Port Control, our harbour management system.

Congratulations to everyone involved in these projects!

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