Customer Focus: Synlait takes sustainable future into own hands

Synlait has taken a sustainable approach to the future of exporting its milk products to the world and in doing so is taking an estimated 16,000 truck movements off State Highway 1.

Prior to Synlait’s rail siding project, which was officially opened in May 2021, all of the company’s export products were trucked from Dunsandel to Lyttelton via road.

With trains taking containers to LPC’s MidlandPort and on to Lyttelton, it’s estimated this could reduce Synlait’s carbon emissions for these trips by about 50% when compared to these trips being completed by container trucks.

The rail siding has also reduced Synlait’s carbon emissions by 888 tonnes per annum.

Synlait Programme Manager Karen Pearce says utilising Midland has enabled the company to increase control over its supply chain, streamline its operations and improve safety at the Heslerton Road intersection where Synlait is based.

COVID-19 has presented challenges for Synlait over the past few years, as it has for many others in both the dairy industry and the import-export industry.

Issues have included shipping capacity constraints, equipment shortages and procurement issues, to name a few.

But Synlait has mitigated these issues by maintaining strong relationships with shipping carriers, logistics partners and suppliers to gain different perspectives and views on capacities.

It has increased its own resource and spread the risk across many services and carriers, and it has maintained a high level of flexibility to react to changes in vessel port connections.

Timeliness for Synlait remains critical in meeting vessel port connections and continuing access to overseas markets.

Synlait recognises that overseas customers have a choice who they purchase from.

Delays in shipping services are constrained, and if vessel port connections are missed, customers could expect a further 2–3-week delay in arrival – something Synlait tries to avoid at all costs.

LPC is proud to have supported Synlait in working with shipping lines to support equipment supply out of MidlandPort.

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