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Marine Services

The timely berthing and safe handling of vessels is critical to the success and integrity of service. This is where the marine team plays an important role.


Marine Services are offered 24/7, with a one-stop-shop booking facility for all ship and ship-side requirements. With a single phone call, e-mail or facsimile, customers can confirm pilots, tugs, lines, security, garbage disposal, telephone and water requirements prior to arrival. Dry dock bookings and marine safety are also part of the marine services provided.

A computer driven harbour management system means that as soon as a ship’s agent notifies intended movements, information relating to the size and operation of the vessel, arrival and departure dates and other preliminary details are used to generate a picture of the ship’s requirements.

LPC is committed to safety in Marine Operations. All Marine staff are trained and qualified to Maritime New Zealand requirements, and a full Risk Assessment of all Marine Operations has been conducted as part of the requirements of the Port and Harbour Safety Code.

A natural deep harbour with a soft mud bottom that is easily dredged, the main navigation channel is maintained to a depth of 11.9m below chart datum which enables vessels to arrive or depart with a draught of 12.4m on the high tide.

The channel itself is almost straight with only one 20 degree bend from the pilot station to the turning basin off Cashin Quay. The turning basin facilitates the swinging vessels up to 350m in length.

LPC was granted resource consent in March 2018 to dredge the navigation channel, which will see the channel lengthened by approximately 2.5km and widened by 20 metres.

Stage 1 will allow vessels with a 13.3 meter draught to call at Lyttelton.  This will be completed by the end of 2018.  Future stages will allow unrestricted sailing for 14.5 metre draught vessels across all tides.

Pilotage is compulory for all vessels over 500GT or over 40m LOA, unless exemption is obtained from Maritime New Zealand. Anchorage for vessels is 1.5 nautical miles north-east of Godley Head in 16.5m of water.

View the Passage Plan to the Port and the Berth.

Alternative anchorage for vessels of 8.5m draft or less, is available in Camp Bay in 11m of water. This anchorage is marked by two red lights on the shore. Vessels wishing to use the Camp Bay anchorage must first obtain permission from the Harbour Master (see External Links).

The company employs qualified and experienced pilots who board vessels from a modern purpose built launch, with a service speed of 21 knots. Vessels are serviced rapidly, safely and efficiently.

The pilots use a Navicom Dynamic harbour pilot position monitoring system to enable highly accurate monitoring when manoeuvring large vessels in and out of the harbour.

The pilot station is situated two miles ENE from Godley Head (Latitude: 43 degrees 35 South, Longitude: 172 degrees 51.2 East).

All navigational aids in the harbour are maintained by Lyttelton Port of Christchurch to international standards and to allow 24/7 access to the Port.

Berthing is aided by two Azimuth Stern Drive tugs: Blackadder, with a bollard pull of 62.5 tonnes, and Purau, with a bollard pull of 36 tonnes. Both tugs are fully equipped to assist in the safe and efficient berthage of ships.

Lyttelton’s dry dock is the only such facility in the South Island. It was opened in January 1883 and is still regularly used by a wide variety of vessels. Electric pumps take three hours to pump the dock dry.

Floor length – 137.15m
Floor width – 14m
Top length – 146.75m
Entrance width – 18.80m
Maximum draught 5.8m (subject to vessel type; for maximum draught contact the Dry Dock Master.

Situated within the inner harbour and next to the dry dock the patent slip is available for repair of small craft up to 150 tonne and with a maximum draught of 3m. On the northern side there is a grid for vessels with maximum draught of 1.83m, ideal for repairs which can be completed through a complete tide. South of the patent slip there is a one-lane slipway for trailer boats.

The Port’s private contractors are renowned for their high quality repair work. A complete service for industrial or marine construction, steel fabrication, machinery design, repairs and electrical contracting is available.

A 24/7 visual and listening watch is maintained by Lyttelton harbour radio. Communication is available on VHF channels 16,12 and 63.

Shore electricity is available at some wharves – type A.C.50 Hz, 415 volt 3 phase, or 230 volt single phase.

Most wharves are well lit by towers and light clusters and, where necessary, mobile light towers can be hired. There is a network of refrigerated container sockets at Cashin Quay 3 and 4 and near No.7 Wharf.

Mobile telephones can be provided on request.

A comprehensive quarantine waste and garbage disposal service is provided by an approved contractor. All quarantine waste is handled to the New Zealand MAF quarantine standards and is processed on site. Extra garbage can be handled on request.

Supply of fresh water can be connected to the ship day or night. 24 hour prior notice should be given prior to arrival.

Please contact our marine department.

All ship and ship-side requirements are available by contacting Lyttelton Port of Christchurch
Phone: (03) 328 7804
Fax: (03) 328 7899
Email: pilot@lpc.co.nz

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