Cruise Berth Piling

Noise monitoring

The construction of the cruise berth requires more than 400 new piles to be driven. Unfortunately this is a noisy process and we acknowledge that this will be disruptive to Lyttelton residents and business owners. By providing regular updates on when piling is expected to occur we hope to help people to plan around the anticipated noise and minimise its impact on their daily lives.

Up until December, all piling will be land based only.

Proposed weekly piling schedule
Week commencing 13/1/20 AM PM
Monday No piling No piling
Tuesday Piling Piling
Wednesday Piling Piling
Thursday Piling Piling
Friday Piling Piling
Saturday Piling Piling
Sunday N/A N/A
Environmental effects

We are committed to the dual goal of a healthy harbour and a thriving port. Environmental impact assessments have been undertaken to ensure there will be no negative environmental effects of the construction and operation, of the cruise berth.

Marine mammals

Marine mammals, in particular Hectors’ dolphins are highly sensitive to underwater noise. Throughout the design process, the size and number of piles in the water has been decreased to reduce noise during piling activities. Underwater noise modelling shows that these changes significantly reduce the amount and duration of underwater noise the dolphins will experience.

A marine piling management plan will be in place throughout the construction to further minimise effects on dolphins. This will include marine mammal overserves, procedures to shut down if mammals are sighted and soft starts to give the mammals a chance to leave the area before full piling commences.


A number of seabirds seasonally nest and live in the adjacent Z-Berth. We have been carefully monitoring the area and putting measures in place to ensure their safety throughout the construction period.

Water quality

The construction has the potential to generate sediment in the water. A Construction Environmental Management Plan (CEMP) will be in place throughout the construction period, detailing management steps to ensure harbour water is not compromised during construction.

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