Maintenance Dredging

To ensure the main navigation channel and the areas ships berth and manoeuvre, LPC undertakes an annual programme of maintenance dredging. This dredging removes the naturally accumulating sediment within the channel. Dredging is primarily undertaken by a trailer suction hopper dredge, although a excavator on a barge can be used for close in work by the wharves.

The dredged material is deposited at either the offshore disposal ground, located approximately 2km east of Godley Head, or the Gollans Bay disposal ground within the harbour.



Water quality at the offshore disposal ground is continuously monitored during the dredging by purpose built monitoring buoys. Regular ecological monitoring is also undertaken at a range of selected site within the harbour. The information from this monitoring is reported annually to ECan.

LPC also recently installed a surf cam at Taylors Mistake as part of an agreement with the Surf Break Protection Society. Detailed studies undertaken by LPC indicated the maintenance disposal ground will not alter the surf break. The webcam will monitor the characteristics of the surf break over time to confirm the outcomes of these studies.

The image below is the latest image from the webcam and it will update every 2-3 minutes

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